Mount St. Ann High School, Pune

Affiliated to CBSE-Delhi (Aff No-1130372) | School Code - 45203, UDISE No. -27250917113

High school

It's with immense joy that I greet each one of you, on this great occasion of opening of the school website, wherein I believe that each of you will have an access to know about this Institution and help us serve the future of the society in a befitting manner, with your support and co-operation. I am sure, this will serve as an essential interactive tool for all of you to acquaint yourselves with our School.

Of late our School has initiated a series of progressive steps to keep pace with the changing times to meet the need of Students. It can now take pride in the Digitalized Learning Systems in the class rooms and use of student centred learning processes where teachers are more facilitators. Besides, our guiding principle has bees the example marked out by our Founder Carlo Tancredi-"The Heart of Education is the Education of the Heart."

We passionately strive not only to promote education and knowledge but also a personal development of each one and build relationships among individuals and the society thereby constructing a stronger nation. The academic as well as co-curricular realms are a stepping stone to climb the heights of excellence in all the fields. May everyone who enters the portals of Mount St. Ann uphold its aims and march forward to renew the face of the earth.