Mount St. Ann High School, Pune

Affiliated to CBSE-Delhi (Aff No-1130372) | School Code - 45203, UDISE No. -27250917113

Parental Co-Operation

  • Please Cooperate to ensure effective education for your ward/child. You are requested to;
    • 1- Provide conducive environment for studies at home.
    • 2- Assist and guide your ward in doing his /her homework.
    • 3- Deposit fees as per rules, and on assigned dates.
    • 4- Provide proper school uniform, text books and note books.
  • Please check your wards school diary regularly and ensure that the assigned homework is done on time and do countersign the remarks made in it.
  • You are to come to the school on every 2nd Saturday to enquire the progress of your ward.
  • Please send a leave application addressed to the Principal through the class teacher prior to the absence of your ward, duly attested by you. Half day leave is not allowed.
  • Please ensure that your ward comes to school regularly in neat, clean and tidy school uniform.
  • Please don't send your ward to school when he/she is suffering from an Infectious disease.
  • Please ensure that your ward is escorted safely to school and back home.
  • Please attend the Parent Teacher meetings held in the school regularly.
  • Please give your complete residential and official address with phone numbers to the school for communication.
  • Please see that your ward participates actively in games/sports and other co‐curricular activities held in school.