DAY- FRIDAY                                                                      VENUE- SCHOOL CAMPUS

DATE- 19/07/2019                                                                       TIME- 8AM



Mount St. Ann high school has always believed that every student has the potential to become a great leader by participating actively in school affairs.

            The annual Installation ceremony which was held on 19th July this year was an important occasion for all the students’ leaders to be officially appointed there by taking up the responsibility of severing the school in the coming year.

            After the assembly came the solemn, most anticipated moment, when the young captains took the oath, whereby they vowed to abide by the creed and fulfill their abilities. They promised to discharge their duties and responsibilities in the most pro-active and diligent manner.

            The captains received their badges from the primary section incharge. Sr.Regina. The sister clearly listed her expectation from the new captains. She also emphasized on the values that one must inculcate honesty, determination, wisdom, humility and aspirations were the words they needed to pay heed to.

            The event ended on a note of positivity and willingness, with the prefects promising to do the very best they can, they were ready to encounter all the challenges that will come their way, receive criticism in the most humble manner, vet stand tall and up hold the dignity and integrity the investiture ceremony concluded with school Anthem.


Teacher Incharge : Ms. Siyona Gale 



















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