CBCI Education masterminds – the first ever quiz programme was organized by Catholic Bishops Conference of India for  the Catholic schools all over India .


DATE  :    10th January 2019                             VENUE : Mount St. Ann High School

    CBCI Education Masterminds school round quiz test was conducted in Mount St. Ann High School . The quiz was conducted at 2 levels i.e 6th to 8th - junior category and 9th to 11th – senior category. 56 students from junior category and 46 students from senior category participated in the quiz based on moral and constitutional values along with general knowledge questions. The students with the top score form each category were selected for the regional level round.


DATE  :   25th April 2019                                VENUE : St. Andrew’s College, West Bandra, Mumbai

   2 students namely Muskan Doodi (std VII) and Parth Taksale (std VI) from Junior Category whereas  Jaydeep Kulkarni (Std X) and Om Gawade (Std IX)  from Senior Category  were selected for the regional level round held at St. Andrew’s College Auditorium. The students prepared themselves well for the competition under the guidance of the school management, staff and the parents. The participants were accompanied by Wise Principal Sr.Prema and School Co-ordinator Mrs.Deepa Patil at the venue of the competition. About 50 different schools from the Western Province namely Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa participated in the regional level round.

All the participants form both categories gave a preliminary test and 6 teams of students from each category were selected for the quiz. The quiz comprised of divergent rounds with variety of questions from all sectors of education. The participants showcased their brilliance by answering the questions actively.

     Junior Category team of our school ( Muskan Doodi and Parth Taksale) scored 150 points and stood third among the 6 teams. They were felicitated with cash prize of Rs.1000 and a certificate each. While our Senior Category team ( Om Gawade and Jaydeep Kulkarni) secured 250 points and stood first among the 6 teams and were qualified for the National level round of CBCI Quiz competition. They won cash prize of Rs.5000 and a certificate each along with a memento for the school.

Grand Finale ROUND

DATE  :   15th May 2019                             VENUE : Sacred Heart Cathedral Auditorium, New Delhi

  Om Gawade and Jaydeep Kulkarni participated in the National Level Round of CBCI Education Masterminds held at Sacred Heart Cathedral Auditorium ,New Delhi on 15th May 2019 representing the school. The winner 16 teams of Regional Round from various states of the country participated in the Grand Finale Event. The quiz was conducted in 2 sessions of 8 teams each. Contrastive and exciting rounds were conducted to judge the competency of the participants. It was really a thrilling experience as the contestants were seen giving their best and scoring for their team to win.

     Om Gawade and Jaydeep Kulkarni stood third among the finalists winning a gift voucher of Rs.10,000 and a tab each. We congratulate our school coordinator and the winners for their  consistent  efforts .It was really a moment of pride for our school and a great achievement for all. It was a memorable experience and will be cherished by all in future. 


Teacher Incharge : Mrs. Deepa Patil








Starts On : Sat- July 13 2019

Ends On : Sat- July 13 2019

Mount St. Ann High School, Talegaon Dabhade