Annite’s education is inspired by our Founder’s vision drawn from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and based on the principles of character formation, elaborated by Carlo Tancredi and Giulia di Barolo. The Sisters of St. Ann, engaged in educational work in 11 countries throughout the world for the last 183 years, re-affirm with conviction that the formation of youth through their educational institutions to be one of the foremost services they can render to their people. They believe that an essential need of their country is for a community of persons with deep faith, sound knowledge, intellectual and emotional maturity and more integrity, persons able and willing to render generous service of their fellowmen and women in building truly human society. It is therefore to the formation of such a community of persons that they commit their educational institutions. The education they impart includes both physical and intellectual development as well as acquisition of useful skills in all of which they aim at excellence. Being at the service of the whole country, St. Ann’s High School accepts boys and girls from every caste, creed and community and strives to educate them in the high ideals of humanism and unselfish service of their fellowmen and women. Hence, the purpose of this school is not only to impart instruction but also.

1- To help the students to become mature, spiritually oriented, people of character, free from egoism and self-seeking and from all attempts to exploit, one’s fellowmen and women.
2- To encourage them continually to strive after excellence in every field, without however neglecting the welfare and need of their fellowmen and women.
3- To value and judiciously use their freedom.
4- To be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action.
5- To become agents of needed social change in the country.