Growing in the care of St. Ann, the Educator and Mother, you are called upon to emulate the values taught in this School that are handed down to us by our Founders: Carlo Tancedi and Giulia, to make you a SHINING STAR, a SHINING JEWEL. Be committed to God, to your School, to your Family, to your studies because commitment is the deep devotion one has towards any thing one does, kindled by strong motivation and interest in the depths of one's own heart. Nothing great has ever been achieved by any individual without enthusiasm and interest which produces success. Success generates joy, joy generates accomplishment, accomplishment generates enthusiasm and enthusiasm generates commitment. I pray that God , the Educator PAR EXCELLENCE, lead you to follow the values outlined by your School so that you may be a glory to Him, to your School , to your family and to the Country at large. God Bless you.