Please Cooperate to ensure effective education for your ward/child. You are requested to;
1- Provide
conducive environment for studies at home.
2- Assist and guide your ward in doing his /her homework.
3- Deposit fees as per rules, and on assigned dates.
4- Provide proper school uniform,
text books and note books.
Please check your wards school diary regularly and ensure that the assigned homework is done on time and do countersign the remarks made in it.
You are to come to the school on every 2nd Saturday to enquire the progress of your ward.
Please send a leave application addressed to the Principal through the class teacher prior to the absence of your ward, duly attested by you. Half day leave is not allowed.
Please ensure that your ward comes to school regularly in neat, clean and tidy school uniform.
Please don't send your ward to school when he/she is suffering from an Infectious disease.
Please ensure that your ward is escorted safely to school and back home.
Please attend the Parent Teacher meetings held in the school regularly.
Please give your complete residential and official address with phone numbers to the school for communication.
Please see that your ward participates actively in games/sports and other co‚Äźcurricular activities held in school.